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 ====== TDV ====== ====== TDV ======
-Was heißt ​TDV?\\  +What means TDV?\\  
-TDV steht für **T**ransistor**D**aten**V**ergleichstabelle ​und ist entstanden aus den Transistorvergleichstabellen die seit 1975 bei [[ECA]] ​erschienen sind.+TDV stands for **T**ransistor**D**ata**V**ergleichstabelle ​((which means comparison table in english)) and is a result of the first transistor comparison table which were first published in 1975 by [[ECA]] ​called tdv1 to tdv4, some exemplares are still available in our [[http://​www.shop.eca.de|online shop]]. \\ 
 +Later we did published a CD-ROM with this data base called tdv-disk.\\  
 +This data base includes the technical data of transistors,​ FETs, since [[english:​overview|vrt-dvd]] is published this data base is include into the [[english:​overview|vrt-dvd]] and into our online data base www.ecadata.de and will be regularly updated until now. 
 +More informations about the tdv data sheet is available [[english:​tdvdatasheet|here]].
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