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Change the language of the software by selecting an other language and pressing the ok button.
The buttons browser font allows you to set the font and size of the browser list.
The buttons dialog font allows you to set the font and size of the data sheets dialogs.
Normally you should use the special ecatech font, which was installed during the setup.1)
Setting the font for dialogs and browser list
If the first check box is checked, the program close the search dialog, after a successfull search.
If the the second check box is checked the program will be closed without confirmation.
If the the third check box is checked the size of the data windows will be saved, after closing the dialog.
If the fourth check box is checked, the program open the data sheet window automatically, after a successfull search.
If you enter a type f.e. BU508 the browser list start with this type. Please verify that this type is listed in vrt-dvd.
If the fifth check box is checked, vrt-dvd will be able to load files from our database server. Please notice that it can be necessary to change the security setting in the windows® settings too.
In the field below you can changed the port for internet access standard is port 80. Maybe necessary if you use a proxy server.

Please notice that is necessary to use the tdvdisk.ttf or the ecatech.ttf font, otherwise some special characters for technical symbols will not displayed.

you will find the ECA fonts on the vrtdvd in the fonts directory
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