Search for parametrics

The search for parametric dialog will appear after choosing this icon .
Start the search for parametrics
The dialogs shows all parameter of the requested component, you select the respective entries in checking the check box.

Choose the parameters First you can choose a case outline for your selection, “similar case”, will select all cases which normally the same gap between the pins. The selection “exactly the same” select all types with the same case outline drawing, like the selected type in this data sheet. The selection “any case” will select all kind of case. We would recommend to start with the standard setting “similar case”.
The checkbox “only available” considered during the selection only components, which are available in the delivery program of one of our ECA Partner Shops. So properly the selected components are available on the market.
Below you will find the device of the component, it is also recommended to check this, the selection will show only parts with the same device, we use our ECA Abbreviation for devices f.e. Si-N means Silicon NPN transistor.
Beside you can choose only pin compatible devices, which means that only types with the same pin-out will be displayed, it recommended to find replacement types for transistors.1)
The respective parameter will be selected in choosing the checkbox in front of the parameters.
Generally we recommend to select at least 3 parameters plus similar case and same device for a reasonable replacement type search .
Recommended search parameters for the different devices:

Device 1.parameter 2.parameter 3.parameter
General Transistor (Si-N) UCE IC PTOT
General Diode (Si-Di)URIAVPtot or trr
General Thyristor (50Hz-Thy)UDMIAV or IRMSIGT
General Triac (Triac)UDRITMS or IAVIGT

Additional it might be important to select gain(B), time (ton or toff), recovery time depending of the device of component.

You can also set a limit to the choosen parameter. Allowed limits are +10%,+20%,+30%,+50%,+70%,+90%,±10%,±20%,±30%,±50%. Please use this limits if the selection show a huge amount of types.

The selection will start after pressing the button start the selection. we limited the amount of the result to 1000 entries, but please be patience it can last some time depending on the amount of parameters. We recommend to choose only a few parameters, you can improve your selection afterwards, because all search entry are saved until you close the selection window.
If you get to much entries, add maybe same pinout or available in the ECA Partner Shop. If you very less or no entries please deselect a parameter or uncheck same pinout or choose all cases, furthermore you can change the values of the search parameter too, f.e. the choosen transitor has a value of UCE 1400V you can edit the value to 1200V and the new search will use this value.

After a delay the result will appear in a new selection list.
You can sort the result in double clicking on the headline of the list, additional you can move and resize the column too.
If you double click on a type in the list the data sheet windows will be opened. Please notice that some column are including several value, but we can only display one value per line, so you should open the data sheet window to compare all values of the selected type.
The title of the window displays the amount of found type and the base type of the selection f.e.

On the lower side of the window, the selected parameters will be displayed.

Furthermore it is recommend to close all not required windows, otherwise it is possible that the system will getting slower. Each open window needs some memory and will not speedup your computer. The actual available memory will be displayed in the system information

It depends on the case out line of the base type and the usages, sometimes it's quite easy to fix a component with different case outline, sometime don't, you have to decide by your own
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