The main menu has the following entries.

  • File
    • Open … Ctrl+D Open the data sheet window for the respective type in the browserlist.
    • Marked types… Ctrl+X Open the list of previous marked types (new in version 2014)
    • Settings Open the settings window where you setup the fonts and the language of the program interface
    • Register vrt-dvd1)Connect you computer with our data base server and open a registration window, where you can register your software. It is necessary to register the software, otherwise you won't be able to get the original data sheets in PDF format. Additional you will get access to the online data base for 1 year for the VRT data base.
    • Quit ALT-F4 Close the program and close all windows
  • Search
    • Find … STRG+F Open the search dialog and allows to query the data base, more informations here.
  • Window
    • Cascade Views all windows one after the other
    • Tile Views all open windows vertical devided
    • Show all Views all open windows maximized
  • Help
    • Index F1 Open the online documentation at
    • Helpfile local F2 Open the helpfile.
    • About vrt-dvd Views some Informationen about the software version and operation system.
    • E-Mail to ECA 2)Open you favourite e-mail clients and allows to send an e-mail to ECA for questions, suggestion or greetings=).
    • Check for update 3)Search for an Update for vrt-dvd at the ECA Server and installs the update.

below the main menu you can find the toolbar with the following buttons.

Opens the data sheet of the selected type in the typelist.

Opens the search and selection window.

Views the system informations

1) , 2) , 3)
It is necessary to connect your computer with the internet.
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