data sheets of discrete components

The data sheets for the dicrete components like diodes, transistors, triacs, FETs, UJT, tetrode will be displayed quite similear.
On the top of the page are the icons for additional informations to this component.
One of the important icons is the parametric or selection icons,
it allows you find several replacement for nearly all types.
A description of all the icons is available here.
Below you can find a short text description of the device, informations to the manufacturer and replacement types if available.
Clicking on the replacement types will open the respective data sheet.

Beside you can find a picture of the case outline and the pinout of the selected type.
Clicking on the picture will open a separate window with our Gallery of all case outline drawings. Here are all ECA picture listed by their pinout.
Below are the Maximum ratings of the type, if you move the mouse over the headline a explanation will appear in a tool tip. The first column is the respective value followed by the unit and in the second column the measuring condition for this value.

e.g. BUZ 90: Ptot max: 75 W (Power dissipation )valid by TG: 25° (Case temperature)
Below you can find the Characteristics for this type also depending on the measuring conditions, which will be listed in the second and third columns. Please also notice especial if you use the parametric search that sometimes several values of the same characteristic are listed.

Transistor data sheet

This is an example of a transistor data sheet BUZ90

Data sheet of a triac

Here a example for a triac data sheet of BT 134W-600
data sheet of BT 134W-600

Data sheet of a diode

Here a example for a diode e.g. BY9316
data sheet of BY9316 · Last modified: d.m.Y H:i by manfred
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