Marking code search

Many of the SMD components are not printed with the full type name, but can be identified by a so-called SMD or Marking Code.

Most of the Marking code is only 2 or 3 characters.
This SMD code is always dependent on the manufacturer, so it is important to know who has manufactured the part. The ECA manufacturer database is helpful to identify the manufacturer logo.

For the SMD code search, select in the selection button to “SMD-Code” and enter the requested marking code in the input box on the above right side and confirm your search by clicking on the “Search” button next to it.

Here a screen shot of a marking code search.

Additional we did create a IC Logo web site to identify the manufacturer.
You can find in the ECA Menu at in «Databases» «SMD» «IC Logos»

You can find a tutorial about searching for marking codes on our website too.

Here is link for resistor color code calculator. Resistor color code calculator · Last modified: d.m.Y H:i by manfred
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