LCD-Displays, Panels, FT, Inverter

A new data base for displays, like TFT,LCD,OLED and Inverter.
As part of the opto data base we did add new collection of technical data sheets for displays and inverter. We did devide the data base in the following parts.

  • aktive Displays
  • passive Displays
  • Inverter

After opening the direct link a screen like the above will appeared. On the left side of the screen shot you can see the functions tree, where all parts are sorted by their function. After clicking on a branch of the tree the list on the ride side will be updated. The list contains the type name, the manufacturer abbreviation, a short text description and a symbol for the link to the pdf. You can sort the list by clicking on the heading of the columns.
We are still working on this data base and it would be very helpful, if you could send us your comments and suggestion to improve this data base.
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