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You need access to the optical database, which is not included into the vrtdvd online account, but you can upgrade. http://www.eca.de/xtshop/index.php/cat/c15_Opto.html

This is a typical example of a display data sheet.

This example is for the type LC171W03-A4.
All data sheets looks like the same, only the parameters are different.
In the first block on the left upper side you will find the general properties of the component.

  • Type as published form the manufacturer
  • Text of the function, the link will open the functional overview.
  • Function a short description of the function
  • Prod abbreviation of the manufacturer, the link will open the Manufacturer informations
  • Temp allowed temperatur range for this component
  • Technology
  • Application application
  • Source From which location we did received the information for this component
  • Note explanation of the notes, will be also displayed beside the parameter
  • Data sheet from the manufacturer (PDF) link to the original data sheet from the manufacturer
  • Feedback critique will open our critique form and you send us your critique, comments …

The block on the right side will describe the

Module characteristics

The first column is a description of the respective parameter. If you move your mouse over the entry a tooltip will appear with an explantions. The second column shows the value of the parameter followed by unit.
The icon will open a list of all components of this function group sorted by the respective value. The example screen shot shows all componemts sorted by the column Outline 1) in this functions group Active displays with backlight between 15,4 inches and 19 inches.
The block in the middle on the left side describes

Characteristics of the panels

The icon will open a new window in your browser and search at google.com for the contents of the respective column. The example will search for the column Conn1 2) at google.com. Please notice that we will remove the quantity (here 2x) and the manufacturer 3) for the search term.
The block in middle right side is for

Characteristics of the touch screens

and will show the entries for touch screens.
The block on the lower left side describes the

Characteristics of the backlight

As well as on the other block the entries are depending on the requested components.
The last block on the lower right side is for the

Characteristics of the inverters

and will displays all entries for the inverters.

module dimensions of the display
connector of the display unit
in angular what is the english expression for “[” Klammer FIXME
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