2012/08/12 12:39

2012/07/25 11:57

  • update smd/marking code table now more than 100.000 different marking codes.
  • for example:

new improved
2012/06/27 11:02

2012/05/24 14:00

  • new update database for all cmos/ttl/ecl/ components, improved filter and selections more than 15000 new types in the database

2011/10/19 15:35

  • new database for all linear components, improved filter and selections more than 22000 new types in the database

2011/07/14 15:09

  • updated adsense colors, fixed search for values for device without wildcards problem with SI-N-Darl fixed
  • UTF convert fixed for forum inquiries
  • added eshop search on main list for all types,

2011/06/15 15:09

  • updated eshop and pdf column in the selection and filter functions for lin, cmos and opto databases
  • adding italian, french, polnish and turkish language for cmos, lin and opto databases

update \\09.06.2011

  • improved we will change all file to UTF-8 to fix problems with foreign language, please inform us if you found errors or strange signs like Ø©Ø*

update \\08.06.2011

update \\07.06.2011

  • updated language for cmos/ttl disk database, including database update

update \\26.5.2011

  • added we add CHS and Ebay to the dealers list on the search for a supplier script. Thank you for the suggestion

update \\16.5.2011

  • fixed error during automatic login for the ECA Forum at if you had problems with your account please send us a message

new \\12.5.2011

update \\28.4.2011

  • updated opto database with optical position sensors like S2044
  • improved filter functions

new \\02.02.2011

updated \\30.09.2010

  • new improved cmos/ttl/elc/t75 data base
  • New function to search for semiconductor supplier still on processing
    please us an email info (add), if you need more supplier, we will try to add.

new \\10.08.2010

update \\21.04.2010

  • new opto update with new types

new server \\03.04.2010

  • we moved to a new server =)
  • new hardware and new internet hosting company
  • update of all the server software
  • new forum software
  • several improvements, including new filters and new selection for parametric search

update \\28.01.2010

  • update opto database with new tft types
  • improved filter function

update \\15.12.2009

(also for free user during beamten time)

update \\04.12.2009

  • update opto database with many new tft displays about 3000 new opto types
  • fixed error display search from main page (did nobody remembered this error?)
  • fixed error smdcode search language setting
  • add a limit for wild card queries for better server performance

updated \\01.10.2009

  • Add note for lin data sheets with back button
  • fixed date error in public note on tdv data
  • minor improvement
  • improved data base for lin and analog parts
  • adding several new case outline drawings

updated \\30.09.2009

  • new updated data base for opto electronic new tft, inverter, coupler etc.
  • improved filter function for lin and cmos data base
  • new scanned data sheets for old NEC parts like µpc1024...

improvement \\21.09.2009

  • new updated lin data base
  • complete new scripts for lineare components, including filter
  • update all function tree with various selections
  • fixed errors in the java script of the tree menu on the main page

improvement \\14.09.2009

  • new updated cmos/ttl/ecl/t75 data base
  • complete new scripts for cmos/ttl/ecl/t75
  • update function tree with various selections

updated \\27.07.2009

  • new updated data base for opto electronic new tft, inverter etc.
  • improved pdf handling
  • direct links for EURAS customers

improvement \\09.07.2009

  • new updated article data base for eshop links added direct link for ASWO/EURAS customers
  • removing Strixner+Holzinger eshop links (New shop search strange)
  • Improved and update opto data base
  • fixed wrong javascript links

improvement \\16.04.2009

  • New updated opto data base
  • New data base for light source and back lights in displays
  • Improved search functions

improvement \\10.03.2009

  • New improved search function for values
  • Compare function for transistor, diode, FET.. with traffic lights
  • major data base changes for better replacement types

improvement \\10.01.2009

  • New clipboard function for EURAS customers
  • Improved data base structure
  • automatic message for renewal
  • Several intern improvements, several additional translations

improvement \\02.12.2008

  • Added help button to the most data sheet windows
  • improved selection for all kind of semiconductors
  • updated data base vrt
  • several minor improvements and bug fixes

improvement \\22.09.2008

  • Added new button in the data sheet window to add own or public notice

improvement \\18.07.2008

  • Added new selections after a unsuccessful search to the new and show tipps from the notfound db
  • Fix the error from (add) to (at)?

improvement \\01.07.2008

  • new data base update for displays, inverters and opto electronic components
  • Links to the aswo inverter picture gallery
  • Links to the ASWO online shop (both function for EURAS customers only)
  • Improvement of search engine (speed up)
  • data base update for transistors especial many new FRED FETs
  • several minor improvements.

Error fix\\01.03.2008

  • fixed error in the selection mW Ptot now correct
  • some minor improvements
  • added some languages French, Italian, Turkish still beta for some customers
  • added the ECRS tool

improve the selection for discrete components\\6.12.2007

  • Eshop and pdf link and columns in the list
  • fixed problem with ~case like ~M21 improved sql script too
  • add device field into selection
  • fixed error message for invalid searches
  • link to doc in the selection
  • several minor fixes

changes in all view programs

  • added new partner shop link with search
  • changes in getecapdf fixed the problem with spaces in the pdf file name

data base update opto added new values \\29.11.2007

  • total update of all files, new drawings …

changes in suchbesser.php

  • Added pdf column in the selection 29.11.2007

changes in myddvsuch.php

  • Changed von Drucktyp to typeleer for sorting, problem with different drucktyp entries solved 29.11.2007

changes in myddvsuch.php

  • New icon for opto list with link to mylistopto 23.10.2007

changes in listopto

  • added new filter function to opto list 22.10.2007

changes in findgnr.php

  • added now it is possible to create filters in the function tree, so you can select for manufacturer, figure.12.10.2007
  • added a new column for eshop partner, so the user can view if the component is available in a partner shop. 12.10.2007

changes in findgnr.php

  • fixed findgnr didn't marked the first selection in the tree menu after first start 28.09.2007


  • added help icon on the display data sheets to view the docu 27.9.2007

Start der Documentation für die Online Datenbank20.9.2007

  • display Dokumentation

New display date base 12.9.2007

  • Display Datenbank online offiziell
  • Änderung in euras3.php für frames bei Display link
  • Start des howtouse ecadata doc

Changes in yddvdetails.php 02.9.2007

  • Suche nach Werten jetzt mit ntht3 DIACs

Changes in mystkdetails.php 30.8.2007

  • Links zu den Vergleichsttypen eingebaut, wie in audio
  • Fehler bei fehlender Extension behoben stk402-220 · Last modified: d.m.Y H:i by manfred
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