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errors, improved error messagement 2013/01/07 ([[deutsch:download|version 1.81]]) * bug fix: error in p... ====== vrt-dvd edition 2011 ====== 2011/03/28 ([[deutsch:download|version 1.65]]) * bug fix: numeric search 2011/02/10 ([[deutsch:download|version 1.64]]) * minor bug fix: multi user tdvpicpath fixed 2011/02/07 ([[deutsch:download|version 1.63]]) * changes: for severa
data sheet window
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ypes too.\\ ====== Data sheet TDA2030 ====== {{deutsch:adatatda2030.png?300|Data sheet for TDA2030}}\\ ... sheet|data sheet]] of the transistor 2SD438.\\ {{deutsch:engdata2sd438.png?300|data sheet for 2SD438}} ===== Explanation of the icons===== {{deutsch:ebasket.png?20|Link to the E-Shop}} Will link you... nd is in any connection with the supplier.))\\ {{deutsch:pdficon.png?20|Display the original data sheet do
5 Hits, Last modified:|here]].\\ {{:deutsch:vrt1a-b2010.jpg|vrt1}} {{:deutsch:vrt2-2010.jpg|vrt2}}\\ More info in our shop at a... offering the same database with many additional [[deutsch:pinout|Pin-outs]] and additional data [[deutsch:selektion|Werte Suche]] as software solution with the name
Data sheet of discrete components
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===== Data sheet of discrete components ====== {{deutsch:engdata2sd438.png?350|Seite 1}}\\ {{deutsch:adata2sd401-2.png?350|Seite 2}}\\ An explantions for the icon... can start the parametric search with this icon {{deutsch:value_new.png|}}.\\ {{deutsch:adata2sd401-3.png?350|Auswählen der Werte zur Selektion}}\\ More informatio
Search and selection windows
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====== Search and selection windows ====== {{deutsch:suchfenster.png?350|Search and select}}\\ Here you c... successful entry through clicking on the button {{deutsch:naechster.png|Next}}.\\ If no entry was found yo... ]. ====== Choosing the search column ====== {{deutsch:suchspalten.png?350|Where will you search for?}}\
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of the icons|following buttons]]. [[datasheet|{{deutsch:data.png|}}]] Opens the [[datasheet|data sheet]] ... of the selected type in the typelist. [[search|{{deutsch:find.png|}}]] Opens the [[searchdialog|search and selection window]]. [[about|{{deutsch:about.png|}}]] Views the system informations
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a sheet, which allows parametric search too.\\ {{:deutsch:bc237-liste.png?300|}}\\ Here the screen shot for... he [[english:vrt|vrt]] data sheet for BC 237\\ {{:deutsch:bc237-vrt.png?300|}}\\ and here the [[english:tdv|TDV]] data sheet for BC 237\\ {{:deutsch:tdv-bc237.png?300|}}\\ The more detailed data she
Search for parametrics
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ric dialog will appear after choosing this icon {{deutsch:value_new.png|}}.\\ {{{{:english:parametric-sear... selection will start after pressing the button {{deutsch:selektionbutton.png|start the selection}}. we lim
Pinout preview
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====== Pinout preview ====== {{deutsch:pinoutgross.png?400|Resize the view of the pin out}}\\ After double... be displayed.\\ If you select the print button {{deutsch:druckbutton.png|}} the [[printing|printing dialog
Printing dialog
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hoosing the button the print dialog appears.\\ {{deutsch:druckvorschau.png?350|Print dialog}}\\ A preview
System information
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====== System information ====== {{deutsch:aboutdeu.png|System Information}}\\ This dialog will display th
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====== ECA ====== {{deutsch:ecaeulen.png|ECA}}\\ History of ECA ECAFIXME Founded 1970 by Gerhard Ruder
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====== ====== {{deutsch:ecadatalogo.jpg|}}\\ At [[]] you will find our
ECA Partner Shops
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e in any of the suppliers this icon {{|ECA PArtner Shop}}will be displayed.\\
lin-disk overview @english:lin-disk
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fo.php/language/en/info/p69_lin-disk-2009.html|{{:deutsch:lin-disk:lindisk2009.png?600|lin-disk 2009}}]]\\
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