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 Contact information Contact information
 ====== Contact form ====== ====== Contact form ======
-please send us comments, improvement,​ suggestion ​through ​[[http://​www.eca.de/​index.php?module=vpContact&​func=main|our contact form]] ​+please send us comments, improvement,​ suggestion ​with **[[http://​www.eca.de/?​page_id=505|our contact form]]** 
 ====== Online shop ====== ====== Online shop ======
-If someone want to order an ECA Product please visit our online shop at [[http://​www.shop.eca.de|www.shop.eca.de]]+If someone want to order an ECA Product please visit our online shop at **[[http://​www.shop.eca.de|www.shop.eca.de]]**
 ====== Problems ====== ====== Problems ======
 All known problems and a solution to fix it are here [[problems|available]] All known problems and a solution to fix it are here [[problems|available]]
 +====== ​ What kind of on-line access for buyers of VRT-DVD? ​ ======
 +The new vrt-dvd will be installed on your computer and you can browse through the data base without internet access with the software. But if you want to view the original data sheets (PDF) from the manufacturer you need online access to download the files from our server at http://​www.ecadata.de\\
 +Therefore you must open an account at www.ecadata.de,​ with the serial number of the DVD, this account is valid for **one year after the first announcemen**t. Customer of **vrt-dvd** will have access to the [[english:​vrt]],​ [[english:​tdv]] and [[english:​ddv]] data base.\\
 +Inside the software you will find an icon to download the pdf files, but you can also browse with your favourite webbrowser on our online data base www.ecadata.de to find the same informations,​ maybe the search and selection abilities are different.\\
 +There is not difference for the update version of vrt-dvd, you will only receive a dvd without a serial number you must use the old one and you will also receive access for **one year for the online data base**.\\
 +I hope my explanation are understandable.
 +====== Download Version of vrt-dvd ======
 +We are offering vrt-dvd since **Version 2015 also as download**. The download file has a **size of about 1,7GB** and you need a stable and quick internet connection. The software is similar to the DVD version, but you must activate the software through internet.
 +You will receive the download link, the serial number and the unlock code direct after successful order by email.
 +Questions ? [[http://​www.eca.de/?​page_id=505|contact]].
 +Order link: [[https://​www.eca.de/​xtshop/​product_info.php/​language/​en/​info/​p92_-nbsp-vrt-dvd-2015.html|www.shop.eca.de]]
 +Please choose the **option "​download"​ before you add** the article to the on-line shop basket!
 +===== Installation of the download version=====
 +  * Open the download and save the file (about 1,7GB)
 +  * Unzip the file and start the setup.exe
 +  * Please verify that your computer has a valid internet connection otherwise the setup will failed.
 +  * Enter the serial number during the installation.
 +  * Start the application with a open internet connection.
 +  * Enter the unlock code.
 +  * After successful activation you can use all functions of vrtdvd.
 +Please notice the unlock code allows three installations of vrtdvd, afterwards you need a new unlock code.
 +==== Download time ====
 +The download **depends on your internet connection**.\\
 +Our download server is located in a server farm and has **1Gbit/sec connection**!\\
 +Here a list of the approximate download times for the **current vrtdvd** (1,7Gb)
 +((Your internet connection in MBit/sec (Megabyte pro second Mbps)-> approximate download time))\\
 +  * 1Mbps -> 5 hours 30 min.
 +  * 2Mbps -> 2 hours 46 min.
 +  * 10Mbps -> 34 min.
 +  * 45Mbps -> 7 min. 30 sec.
 +  * 100Mbps -> 3 min. 25 sec.
 +  * 1000Mbps -> 20 sec.
 ====== Changelog ====== ====== Changelog ======
 Link to the [[changelog]] file of vrt-dvd Link to the [[changelog]] file of vrt-dvd
 +====== Important informations ======
 +All data are restricted for information purposes. Any business or commerical trading usage is not allowed. No advice or information,​ obtained by you from [[english:​eca|ECA]] or through or from the service shall create any warranty not expressly stated in the TOS. [[english:​eca|ECA]] expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantabilty,​ fitness for a particular purpose an non-infringement. ​
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