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-====== ​transistor ​data sheet ====== +====== data sheets of discrete components====== 
-The data sheets ​of diodes, transistors,​ triacs, FETs, UJT, tetrode will be displayed quite similear. +The data sheets ​for the dicrete components like diodes, transistors,​ triacs, FETs, UJT, tetrode will be displayed quite similear.\\ 
-That means the are quick all +On the top of the page are the icons for additional informations to this component.\\  
 +One of the **important icons** is the {{:​ecadata.de:​deutsch:​selekt.png|}} [[ecadata.de:​english:​wertesuche|parametric or selection]] icons, \\ 
 +it allows you find several replacement for nearly ​all types.\\ 
 +A description of all the icons is available [[ecadata.de:​english:​available_icons|here]].\\ 
 +Below you can find a short text description of the device, informations to the [[ecadata.de:​english:​hersteller|manufacturer]] and replacement types if available.\\ 
 +Clicking on the replacement types will open the respective data sheet.\\ 
 +Beside you can find a picture of the case outline and the pinout of the selected type.\\ Clicking on the picture will open a separate window with our [[case outline gallery]]. Here are all ECA picture listed by their pinout.\\ 
 +Below are the **Maximum ratings** of the type, if you move the mouse over the headline a explanation will appear in a tool tip. The first column is the respective value followed by the unit and in the second column the measuring condition for this value. \\ 
 +e.g. BUZ 90: //Ptot max: 75 W (Power dissipation )valid by TG: 25° (Case temperature)//​\\ 
 +Below you can find the **Characteristics** for this type also depending on the measuring conditions, which will be listed in the second and third columns. Please also notice especial if you use the [[ecadata.de:​english:​wertesuche|parametric search]] that sometimes several values of the same characteristic are listed.\\ 
 +====== Transistor data sheet ======
 This is an example of a transistor data sheet BUZ90\\ This is an example of a transistor data sheet BUZ90\\
 {{:​ecadata.de:​english:​parametric-search1.png?​500|}} {{:​ecadata.de:​english:​parametric-search1.png?​500|}}
 +====== Data sheet of a triac ======
 Here a example for a triac data sheet of BT 134W-600\\ Here a example for a triac data sheet of BT 134W-600\\
 {{:​ecadata.de:​english:​triacdataeng.png?​500|data sheet of BT 134W-600}}\\ {{:​ecadata.de:​english:​triacdataeng.png?​500|data sheet of BT 134W-600}}\\
 +====== Data sheet of a diode ====== 
 +Here a example for a diode e.g. BY9316\\ 
 +{{:​ecadata.de:​english:​databy9316.png?​500|data sheet of BY9316}}\\
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