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The search box is on the upper right side and allows the search for the type name (Standard) of a component. Search is always case insensitive. Searching for [ BU508 ] is the same as searching for [ bu 508 ]. You can use wildcards Wildcards like ? and *, the asterisk character (“*”) substitutes for any zero or more characters, and the question mark (?) substitutes for any one character.

Additional you can search for Text in the function list, or for the numeric part of the type name (e.g. just 508 from BU508) and for the SMD-CODE/marking code if you choose the requested radio button.
Nowadays we are offering the new Displays section, where you can search in the display database. More informationen about the Display database is available here.

Furthermore we have an additional free search side called ECRS Cross Reference Search tool

Search result

The successful search will display a list of the components found.

The list includes the following columns.

  • Type Type name written as published from the manufacturer, the [|data sheet]] will be opened by clicking on the type name.
  • Prod. Abbreviation of the manufacturer, clicking on the abbreviation will open the manufacturer window
  • Device Abbreviation of the device, clicking will open a window with an explanation.

Anzeige der Bauteilart

  • Case Description of case outline form according to ECA, clicking will open the case outline gallery.
  • Text a short description with important values.
  • Details short description of the function, clicking will open the function tree.
  • Data sheet will open the ECA data sheet
  • Data search allow search for values values and create selections based on values.
  • ECA database product show in which ECA products the data sheet is available.
  • Access show if you have access to the requested data sheet. access .
  • Original PDF from manufacturer will open the original pdf file from the manufacturer from the ECA server if available.
  • SPICE files1) will open a Spice file usally as text file, some files are zip files.
  • Partnershop this symbol will appear if the component is available in Partnershop of ECA.

Clicking on the headlines of the columns will sort the requested column.
Additional you can select the list with the new filter function by clicking on the filter icon more information is available here.

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