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 +====== ECA data sheets ====== 
 +we are collecting the data of the components in different data sheets 
 +  * [[ecadata.de:​english:​vrt|VRT data]] sheets 
 +  * [[ecadata.de:​english:​displaydatenblatt|Display data]] sheets 
 +  * [[ecadata.de:​english:​optodatasheet|Opto electronic]] data sheets 
 +  * [[ecadata.de:​english:​cmosdatasheet|Integrated digital]] data sheets 
 +  * [[ecadata.de:​english:​linear-data|Lineare integrated]] circuits 
 +  * Integrated [[ecadata.de:​english:​stk|hybrid circuits]] 
 +  * [[ecadata.de:​english:​tranistor_data_sheet|Discrete]] semiconductors 
 +  * [[ecadata.de:​english:​case_outline_gallery|Gallery]] of the case outline drawings 
 +  * Free [[ecadata.de:​english:​ecrs|ECRS search tool]] for unclassified reference lists
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